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Complexity, competition, and new business models

Companies must address the top three issues: complexity, competition, and changing business models. Operations today are manual-run. The last scanned position of an object (pallet, package, parts, etc.) is used as the primary tool for human-managed task distribution.

To change from manual-run operations where humans plan, decide, and execute to a system-run environment with minimal human decisions and intervention, is the future. When changing your business model from manual to system-run;

  • Visual and intelligent patented AI software platform decreases complexity, automates task distribution, simplifies onboarding of new staff, and increases engagement to retain existing staff.
  • Future-proof and automated execution using digital twin and location awareness to increase resource utilization, storage capacity, and efficiency.
  • Our disruptive business model eliminates the operational waste time, user errors, go-and-see, and search-and-find activities.

Subject in-motion task execution (system run)

A proprietary AI software that seamlessly orchestrates rule-based tasks to human and robotics resources to seamlessly automate yard, warehouse, and production logistics processes to provide intelligent interoperability and complete hyperautomation.

The Site Optimizer 360º AI engine, “the brain,” uses the in-motion position (X/Y/Z) of subjects to automatically synchronize and “push” rule-based tasks to humans, AMRs, AGVs, AIFs, forklifts, tuggers, and classic automation devices, such as AS/RS, cranes, and conveyors, without any manual intervention.

The 360º patented AI engine can communicate tasks directly to humans, machines, and various automated systems, enabling synchronized coordination between all resources and automation solutions.