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Nathanel Chaouat
Industry X & Supply Chain Specialist – Associate Principal

Locanis solution enriches Accenture Industry X offerings by enabling us to bring a differentiated and technologically advanced solution turning warehouses, factories, and other facilities into efficient, automated & integrated operations and allowing our clients to lead in the industry of the future.

Dr. Stefan Gstettner
Boston Consulting Group
Partner & Director Supply Chain

One of the most advanced Warehouse Management Systems I know in the market. It generates a 3D real-time digital twin of the end-to-end operations and the adjacent processes. In addition, it uses advanced patented algorithms to optimize all assets and resources on the site holistically.

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Execution Platform

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    John Sidell
    New Course LLC
    CEO & Managing Principal

    A central patented brain for task management that utilizes  Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) as a cornerstone in their Warehouse Management System and Workforce Management Solutions is unique.

    Locanis Site Optimizer 360° Manufacturing & Supply Chain Execution Software Platform, is a “game-changer” in the Supply Chain Execution software market.