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AI-driven automation

Supply chain experts believed AI would “take over” and transform the supply chain altogether. The anticipation was that AI-driven automation would minimize humans and AI would automatically self-regulate to known and unknown disruptions. Companies believed investing in AI, robotics, and classical automation would make the rest of the work a “walk in the park,” but experience learned, it was and is not that straightforward.

“We invested a lot of money to digitize and automate our existing legacy platform, and when ready, we had silos of automation, silos of assets, and silos of operators with a lot of manual planning, decisions, and execution. Our goal to have a cross-functional flexible workforce was chattered, and we failed miserably. With all money, time, and efforts invested, we ultimately gained nothing.” A tier-1 vendor.

Clear out-of-the-box goals

When applying AI-driven automation or any disruptive technology, you must be ready to step out of your comfort zone and take calculated risks because, without risks, you will not get any significant rewards.

  • If you stay within your comfort zone, the outcome of your AI automation investment will provide minimal positive impacts and a low level of value release.
  • Another approach that brings low-value release is to use AI for manual analytics and manual predictions. This means you still have a manual-run operation with multiple silos and zoning, all run by human intervention and decisions.

Site Optimizer 360° – “The Brain”

Locanis 360° is a software that can holistically run, take decisions, execute, and synchronize all other vendor technologies to unlock the full potential for AI-driven and system-run automated operations integrated across functions. The central brain makes decisions based on company and external data and continuously learns from the outcomes to improve performance and will, increase resilience to market volatility and talent scarcity and achieve higher sustained performance consistently.


The central brain holistically automates and synchronizes your processes

Processes data, events, and triggers to distribute rule-based instructions and tasks to in-motion resources, such as humans, AMRs, AGVs, and other material handling equipment.

Collaborate with hardware, sensors, and readers to optimize the sequencing of material through the operations fully automatic.

Easy to integrate classic automation, such as AS/RS systems, conveyor systems, cranes, and other automation equipment.