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Privacy Statement

Effective Date: 1 June 2023

Protecting individuals and their privacy is crucial and protected by national and international laws. Locanis activities to protect your personal data, as shown in this document, demonstrates our commitment to every individual’s right to privacy and data protection. In addition, the content of the Privacy Statement outlines how we handle information that can be used to identify an individual, directly or indirectly.

  1. General information

Who is controlling the data?

Controlling is Locanis Technologies Pte. Ltd, 230 Orchard Road, #10-230 Faber House, 238854 Singapore and / or Locanis AG, Potsdamer Platz 10, Haus 2, 10785 Berlin (“Locanis”). A registration form is presented on this website, and the data controller may vary depending on the actual offering or the purpose of the data collection. Still, it is, in any case, displayed on the individual registration form’s privacy statement. The person responsible for data protection at Locanis can be reached at

What personal data does Locanis collect?

Locanis store specific personal data and information, such as your IP address, operating system, and browser. Locanis will collect the information you provide when using a registration form, such as your name, email, telephone, location, company name, job title, function, and industry.

Why does Locanis need your data?

We need your data to provide access to our website, deliver goods and services and comply with statutory obligations—more information on why Locanis needs your personal data can be found under Section II below. If your data is on a statutory permission, more information can be found under Section III when using your data is based on your consent. All personal data is received voluntarily; it might be that Locanis cannot perform your request without your data. For example, Locanis might need your data to access our demo system or other vital information, and in these cases, Locanis can’t perform your request without specific personal data.

Do we receive personal data from third parties?

Locanis will only receive personal data from a third party if the applicable laws allow this, and in most cases, Locanis only receive personal data from you. However, if Locanis receive data from a third party, we will treat this personal data according to the content of this privacy statement.

How long will Locanis store my data?

Locanis will store your data for as long it is required to a) make requested goods and services available to you, b) to comply with statutory obligations, c) until you object against legitimate business use of personal data use by Locanis, or d) until you revoke your consent granted in this privacy statement. In addition, Locanis will retain your data for as long as the compulsory law needs this or if your data is needed to assert or defend against legal claims.

Who will receive and process your personal data?

Companies with the Locanis group and third-party service providers (e.g., marketing, newsletters, consulting etc.). Locanis operates internationally and has affiliates and third-party suppliers outside the European Economic Area (the “EEA”) or other regions with legal restrictions on data transfers outside the EEA. In case of transfers to a country for which the EU commission has not issued an adequacy decision, Locanis use the EU standard contractual clauses to contractually require a level of data protection consistent with the EEA to your personal data.

What are your data protection rights?

At any time, you can request Locanis information about what personal data Locanis process about you and the correction or deletion of such personal data. It is essential to know that Locanis can or will delete your personal data only if there is no statutory obligation for Locanis to retain it. Necessary to understand; if you request for Locanis to delete your personal data, you will not be able to continue using any of the Locanis services that require using your personal data. If Locanis uses your personal data to perform requested services from you, you can request a copy of the personal data you provided by emailing In addition, you can ask Locanis to restrict your personal data from further processing of any of the following events; a) you state the personal data Locanis has about you is incorrect, subject to the time Locanis requires to check the accuracy of the relevant personal data, b) there is no legal basis for Locanis processing your personal data and you demand to Locanis to restrict your personal data from further processing, c) Locanis no longer requires your personal data, but you state you require Locanis to retain such data to claim or exercise legal rights or to defend against third party claims, or d) in case object to the processing of your personal data by Locanis based on Locanis legitimate interest (as described under section II), subject to the time required for Locanis to determine whether it has a prevailing interest or legal obligation in processing your personal data. Important to know; Locanis can or will delete your personal data only if there is no statutory obligation or prevailing right of Locanis to retain it. If you request Locanis to delete your personal data, you cannot continue using Locanis services, dependent on your personal data. If you need to exercise your data protection rights, please email

Can I use Locanis services if I am a child?

Locanis website services cannot be used by individuals below the age of 18 years. Therefore, if you are younger than 18, you cannot register and use this website’s services.

  1. Processing based on a statutory permission

How, why and on what legal basis does Locanis need to use my personal data when using it?

Contractual obligations. Locanis requires your personal data to deliver goods or services you order under a contract Locanis has with you, establish an agreement for goods or services between you and Locanis, or send you invoices for ordered goods or services. Locanis processes personal data to fulfil contractual obligations according to Article 6(1), lit. b GDPR or under the equivalent article under other national laws, when applicable. Processing when necessary to fulfil Locani’s contractual obligation includes responding to your related inquiries, processing your feedback or supporting you. This can also include conversation data you may initiate or enable through the chat functionalities on, through contact forms, emails, or telephone. In this Privacy Statement, “goods and services” includes access to Locanis web services, offerings, newsletters, white papers, tutorials, training and other events. Locanis communicates by email with users who subscribe to its services and communicates by phone to resolve eventual complaints. Locanis will use your email address to confirm your opening of an account, send you notice of payments, send you information about changes to its products and services, and send notices and other disclosures as required by law. Generally, users cannot opt out of these communications because these communications are necessary for the relevant business relationship and are not marketing-related. Locanis will, for marketing-related services, a) only provide you with such information after you have opted in if legally required and b) offer you the opportunity to opt out if you do not want to receive marketing-related communications. You can also opt out of marketing-related communications by updating that preference.

Ensure compliance. Locanis and its products, technologies, and services are subject to various countries’ export laws, including, without limitation, those of the European Union and its member states and the United States of America. You acknowledge that according to the applicable export laws, trade sanctions, and embargoes issued by these countries, Locanis must take measures to prevent entities, organizations, and parties listed on government-issued sanctioned-party lists from accessing certain products, technologies, and services through the Locanis website. This includes a) automated checks of any user registration data as set out herein and other information a user provides about their identity against applicable sanctioned-party lists, b) regular repetition of such checks whenever a sanctioned-party list is updated or when a user updates their information, c) blocking of access to Locanis services and systems in case of a potential match, d) contacting a user to confirm their identity in case of a potential match. Locanis’ use of your personal data is limited to the permission to process personal data to comply with statutory obligations (Article 6 para. 1 lit. c GDPR or the equivalent articles under other national laws, when applicable) and Locanis legitimate interest (Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR or the similar articles under other national laws, when applicable). You confirm that information needed to track your personal data or use marketing materials is permitted for distribution to members within Locanis to ensure compliance.

Locanis use for legitimate interest. Locanis can use your personal data based on its legitimate interest ((Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR or the equivalent article under other national laws, when applicable) as follows:

  • Contract execution. Purchase or intend to purchase goods or services from Locanis on behalf of a customer. Locanis will use your personal data for this purpose. This includes such steps required to establish the relevant business relationship. For example, suppose an existing customer contact informs Locanis that you are their replacement. In that case, Locanis will, from the time of such notice, consider you to be the relevant customer contact for the respective customer until you object, as further set out below.
  • Creation of anonymized data sets. Locanis will anonymize personal data provided under this Privacy Statement to create anonymized data sets to improve its products and services.
  • Legal claims. If required, Locanis will use your personal data to prevent or take legal actions against criminal activities such as fraud and assert or defend against legal claims.
  • Personalized content. In case you opt-in to receive marketing communications (newsletters, brochures or case studies), in that case, Locanis will collect and store details of your interaction and how such content help to create, deliver and improve our communications with you. This information is aggregated and used to help Locanis provide more helpful information to you.
  • Locanis might invite you to participate in questionnaires and surveys, and such questionnaires are designed to be answered without any data that might identify you. If you enter data in a questionnaire, Locanis will use this Personal Data to improve its products and services.
  • During telephone calls or chat sessions and after informing you accordingly before the call or chat, Locanis have the right to record such calls or chat sessions to improve the quality of the services.
  • To keep you up-to-date. Locanis might inform you (during an existing business relationship) about its products or services, where permitted, according to local laws.

Right to object. By updating that preference, you can object to Locani’s use of your personal data as outlined in this section, at any time.

Processing under applicable national laws. If the applicable national law allows Locanis, we will use the information and personal data about you for business purposes, such as:

  • plan and host events, online forums and webinars
  • product information and marketing
  • sales call to inform you about our services and to improve our services and products
  • auditing, analysis, research and security purposes
  • other reasons accepted by you and applicable national laws
    1. Processing based on a statutory permission

As described under this section, Locanis will process your personal data if you granted prior consent to the specific proposed processing of your personal data (Article 6(1) lit. a GDPR) or the equivalent article under other national laws when applicable. Therefore, each section below about a personal data processing operation has your consent.

News about products and services. Subject to your consent, Locanis may use your name, email and postal address, telephone number, job title and basic information about your employer, such as name, address, and industry (previous purchases or events – further details on this topic can be found in the Cookie Statement displayed in this website) to keep you up to date on the latest product announcements about Locanis software and services including newsletters. During these marketing activities, Locanis may provide a hashed user ID to the third-party-operated social networks or other web offerings (such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Google), where this information is then matched against the social networks’ data or the web offerings’ databases to display more relevant information to you.

User profiles. Locanis offers the option to use its web offerings, including forums, blogs, and other networks linked to this website that require registering and creating a user profile. User profiles provide the option to display personal information about you to other users, including but not limited to your name, photo, social media accounts, postal or email address, telephone number, personal interests, skills, and basic information about your company.

Special categories of personal data. Locanis may ask for information about your health to identify and consider individuals who have disabilities or special dietary requirements throughout the event in connection with the registration for and provision of access to an event or seminar. Any such use of data is based on the consent you grant. Necessary, if you do not provide any such information about disabilities or special dietary requirements, Locanis will not be able to take any respective precautions.

Event profiling. Suppose you register for a Locanis event, seminar, or webinar. In that case, Locanis may share basic participant information (your name, company, and email address) with other participants of the same event, seminar, or webinar to communicate and exchange ideas.

Use of your data. Locanis may share your personal data with other Locanis legal identities, and our legal identities can be found on this website. Locanis entities will use personal data for the same purposes and under the same conditions as this privacy statement outlines. At your request and by your consent, Locanis will transfer your data to third-party companies. The third-party companies will use your data to participate in the event and must delete the data after the event. If a company intends to use your data for any other purposes, they will contact you to explain how and for other purposes, they will use it.

Revocation of a granted consent. You may at any time withdraw a consent granted hereunder by unsubscribing. Locanis will not process personal data subject to this consent in case of withdrawal unless there is an eventual legal requirement. For example, suppose Locanis must retain your data for legal reasons. In that case, your personal data will be restricted from further processing and only retained for the term required by law. However, any withdrawal does not affect past processing of personal data by Locanis until your withdrawal. Furthermore, your use of a Locanis offering requires your prior consent. If this is the case, Locanis cannot provide you with the relevant service, offer or event after your revocation.

  1. Cookies

Information gathered by cookies or similar technologies, and any use of such information, is further described in the Locanis cookie statement. You can exercise your cookie preferences as outlined in the Locanis cookie statement by visiting the cookie preferences on this website.

  1. Country-specific and regional provisions

Children’s privacy rules in the U.S. Locanis do not knowingly collect the personal data of children under 13. If you are a parent or guardian and believe Locanis collected information about a child, please get in touch with Locanis as described in this privacy statement. Locanis will delete the information as soon as possible. Given that the Locanis website and online services are not directed to users under 18 years of age and following the disclosure requirements of the CCPA, Locanis does not sell the personal data of any individual under 18 years of age.

Tracking. Your browser may allow you to set a “do not track” preference. Unless otherwise stated, our sites do not follow “do not track” requests. You can select not to accept cookies by changing the designated settings on your web browser. For more information, look at the cookie statement on this website. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer while visiting specific sites on the Internet used to identify your computer. If you do not accept cookies, you may be unable to use certain functions and features of the Locanis website. For example, the Locanis website prevents third parties from gathering information about you over time and across sites. You have the right to a) to request from Locanis access to your data that Locanis collects, uses, or discloses about you, b) to request from Locanis to delete data about you, c) to non-discriminatory treatment for the exercise of any of your data protection rights, d) in case of a request from Locanis for access to your personal data, for such information to be portable, if possible, in a readily usable format that allows you to transmit this information to another recipient without hindrance.

Per the disclosure requirements under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”), Locanis does not and will not sell your personal data. By respecting the verification process outlined in the CCPA, Locanis require a more stringent verification process for deletion requests or personal data that is considered sensitive or valuable to minimize the harm that might be posed to you by unauthorized access or deletion of personal data if Locanis must request additional information from you outside of the information that Locanis already maintain. Then, Locanis will only use it to verify your identity so that you can exercise your data protection rights for security and fraud-prevention purposes.

In the Philippines, a) you may claim compensation as finally awarded by the National Privacy Commission or the courts if you suffered damages due to inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained or unauthorized use of personal data, considering any violation of your rights and freedoms as a data subject, b) if you are the subject of a privacy violation or personal data breach or are otherwise personally affected by a violation of the Data Privacy Act, you may file a complaint with the National Privacy Commission, c) your transmissibility tights. In addition, your lawful heirs and assigns may invoke your rights at any time after your death or when you are incapacitated or incapable of exercising your rights.

For China, Colombia and Russia, specific provisions apply to the citizens of these countries. For more detailed information, please contact us, at