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Next-generation yard operations software

Automated system-run yard & dock management in real-time. 3D dynamic pinpoint transparency of all yard resources, spotters, and trailers. Holistic E2E transparency and accountability for your entire site. 100% transparency, analytics, and every trailer’s in-motion position and parking (X/Y), from arrival, parking, unloading, loading to departure.

360º YMS pushes the optimal task to your yard resources using proprietary algorithms. 3D in-motion view to track and manage your yard without any manual intervention.

  • 3D real-time in-motion (X/Y) yard visibility for all trailers, inbound – yard – dock – outbound.
  • Truck driver self-check-in and self-check-out with Locanis easy-to-use app.
  • Automated digital quality check by the truck driver for inbound and outbound trailers.
  • Eliminate physical yard check activities.

Key advantages

  • 100% system-run predictive and prescriptive analytics without any manual efforts.
  • 25-40% reduction of operational waste time for all yard resources.
  • 30-50% increased yard jockey productivity.
  • 99% less effort for yard checks.
  • 99% cost reductions for detention and demurrage.
  • Up to 40% increased dock productivity.