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Locanis Rope Team

Every year, the Locanis rope team continues to climb mountains to challenge ourselves, bring out the best performance as a team, and deliver the best products to our customers. What is a “rope team?”A rope team is a bunch of climbers linked together with a rope, pretty much the same as a bunch of coders that are linked together to develop software. It is hard to climb mountains, and it is equally hard to deliver outstanding software products.

When we sit down and think, get a retrospective on what happened during 2023, it was a good year. When climbing together, there are a lot of emotions, like anxiety and fear…will we make it, in combination with happiness and joy, when reaching your destination…the summit. Software innovation and next-generation coding are all about endurance and persistence. Once a mountain is conquered, the next one comes up, and after that, another one. When your climbing is successful, and you reach the summit, you feel pure happiness, but after a while, you feel restless and think that what you just climbed can be elevated to another level. Then, you start to climb again to conquer the new mountain you found. You know this specific mountain should be impossible, but our senses tell the rope team it can be done, and here we go again…

System Uptime Climb

To reach the system uptime summit is a must every year. There are always some rough winds and storms that try to eliminate the 24/7 system uptime availability. In 2023, we successfully reached the system uptime summit and were determined to do it again in 2024. 100% system availability is a top goal, and this improves our customers’ deliverability and financials and builds a positive reputation.

The ESG Climb

Helping, protecting, and respecting each other is what our software does. We improve environmental consciousness, decrease emissions and energy use, and, at the same time, increase efficiency without compromising the ESG goals. The software increases operator safety and is easy to learn and use, no matter where you come from. 3D real-time visual task management creates an equal working environment where every individual, has the same value.

The Hyperautomation and Interoperability Climb

Hyperautomation is automating as many tasks as possible, and interoperability is merging equipment, systems, apps, or products from different vendors to operate in a coordinated way without end-user involvement. To eliminate manual intervention and have a central intelligent brain that coordinates all resources, systems, and equipment in your yard, warehouse, and factory, end-to-end optimization is the ultimate goal, and this is what the Site Optimizer 360º is all about. In 2019, we received our first US software patent, covering hyperautomation and interoperability, in 2021, we got our second US patent.

The Rope Team Summary 2023

In 2023, we managed to climb important summits. Our Site Optimizer 360º Manufacturing & Supply Chain Execution Software Platform improved in every aspect, increased functionalities, capacities, flexibility, and a stable 100% performance; what more can you ask for?